I’ve managed to persuade a few lovely editors, brands and websites to take a chance on me and publish some of my work – links below:

Mountain Bikes Apart

Having to move away from Aviemore, and relocate to a big smoke put a bit of a halt to my mountain biking career.  However, I am still trying to find bike related things to scribble about, and occasionally write an article for Scottish based Mountain Bikes Apart.  The website is a dedication to all things bike related – there is a focus on mountain biking, but you can find information on trails, kit, training, skills and events for all sorts of biking disciplines.

Breo Watches

I’ve been in love with Breo watches since they first released the Roam sports watch a few years ago.  In August 2012, they offered me an amazing sponsorship deal and in return I pen some blogs about my travels and lifestyle – it’s been one of the most exciting things I’ve been part of, and it’s spurred me on to keep discovering new things – long may it continue!

SLAM Dundee

I’m afraid to say I’m not really an advocate of student media, but I liked the look of the SLAM Dundee magazine, and took on the role of their Travel Writer in March 2013.  SLAM Dundee is available from the University of Abertay – in print and digital.

Trail Scotland

I fell in love with mountain biking in summer 2012 when I got my mitts on the most amazing Cannondale.  Living in Aviemore in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park in the Highlands of Scotland, I had some of the best off-road trails on my doorstep, so I was whizzing about all over the place, and penned a few trail reports for Trail Scotland – all the reports are my take on the trail, they’re not guide book entries!

Wilderness Scotland

I was the social media skivvy at Wilderness Scotland for about seven months in 2012.  Being based in the Cairngorms National Park definitely inspired some great blogs – I took over the management of the Wilderness Blog during my time with the company, and penned some tales of my travels in the Highlands of Scotland.